Pricelist 2019_july-01.png

50% deposit due on order approval all remaining balance on accounts are due on completion.

Please be sure to check all spelling, colors and design details. Lotus Mountain is not responsible for misspellings, art or colors approved by customers. We attempt to match colors as closely as possible however, colors represented on screen may not be an exact match to colors printed. Once approved, the customer is responsible for charges agreed to in the estimate/invoice. The stated disclaimers are subject to change by Lotus Mountain at its sole discretion.

  • Standard set up $25 per color, screens and film

  • $15 charge per color/screen for under minimums color changes. (Color change charge applies if ink is changed under the print minimum. Ink changes still need to be 50% of standard print minimum per each color change)

  • Discharge and waterbase set up $30 per color, screens and film

  • Add $1 per print for specialty inks i.e. discharge, waterbase, metallic, glow in the dark, poly white

  • PMS color matching $15 per color

  • If customer provides the shirts add $1.50 to print cost


We cut & transfer vinyl names and numbers for sports and other applications

  • 6” numbers $5.00

  • 4” numbers $3.00

  • Names across shoulders $5.00

  • Small names (pocket) $3.00

  • Custom heat transfers-

    • small $10 and up

    • large $15 and up

  • Turnaround-

  • 10-14 days from order with ready art. Turnaround varies with time of year and workload.


  • We’d be happy to try and work with your tight deadlines IF we can. Often times it means re-arranging our schedules so there may be additional fees- 10- 50% of order depending on lead time.

  • Your order depending on size may require a deposit. Our deposit is generally 1/2 of the total cost.


2 % spoilage: Please factor in a 2% spoilage for unforeseen circumstances out of our control.  You will not be charged for items that fall within this margin. If you have very specific numbers please talk to us ahead of time so we can make arrangements.